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BERGER 30(.308)200gr HPBT BULLET 200.20X HY-TG 500b

Item #:BG30717
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BERGER 30(.308)200gr HPBT BULLET 200.20X HY-TG 500b

Product Information

500 count box.

The new 200.20X bullet is truly optimized for F-TR shooters from the beginner level up through the elite tiers.

Compared to the standard 200 grain Hybrid Target, the 200.20X has a longer boat tail, longer nose, and a shorter bearing surface. The longer nose and tail of the 200.20X allow the bullet to fly with less drag and a higher BC, which means fewer points lost to wind. Another exciting feature of the new 200.20X bullet is that the shorter bearing surface means less engraving surface and barrel friction, which means more velocity at the same pressure. The shorter bearing surface also makes this bullet easy to load and shoot in standard chambers, which means you don’t need a special reamer to make it work in your rifle. 

The US Rifle Team (F-TR) has conducted extensive testing and has named the Berger 200.20X as their official bullet of choice.

This is not loaded ammunition.

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