Lee Loadmaster 9mm Luger Progressive Reloading Press

Lee Loadmaster 9mm Luger Progressive Reloading Press
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The Lee Load-Master Progressive Reloading Press is a massive five-station press with numerous advanced features. The massive ram is 1-3/4 inches in diameter. Stroke and clearance are sufficient for the largest magnum rifle cases. The Load-Master loads rifle and pistol rounds with equal ease. Load progressively or single stage without spilled powder or components.   Accepts all popular brands of dies (7/8 x 14).  Features automatic indexing and a foolproof priming system that is easy and fast to fill.  Removable turrets help change calibers in seconds.  Includes an Automatic 4 tube case feeder  (Pistol calibers only). Grease and oil fittings along with hard chrome plated ram insure a lifetime of service for even the commercial reloader.

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Lee LoadMaster Progressive -9mm

By David B. on Oct 11, 2018
I have been handloading for multiple calibers since the mid-1980's. I went with the Loadmaster because my family was shooting up 9's faster than I could reload.

The press is shipped and arrives with FL die, powder thru die, and bullet seating die. Following the instructions is critical to a successful outcome. Additionally be prepared for several rounds of minor adjustments. I was pleased to see the powder charge methodology work and it was accurate. I verify charge weight frequently but so far not a single over/short event.

The most surprising negative is the powder reservoir has no baffle and the lid is cosmetic-it is not even a little tight. Also to my surprise the primer feed mechanism has so far (500 rounds) been perfect. During your intital set up do not prime or throw charges until you can complete a cycle and your finished bullet is the correct length. Then add in the primers for one pass and then the powder should be added.

Open the tensioner and weigh your charges until you reach a comfort level. Once there close the tensioner and start creating ammo.

Remember to do as Lee suggests-definite full stroke up down and back at all times. Half strokes will result in two pieces of brass at station one.
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