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Lee Aluminum 4-Hole Turret for quick caliber change for the 4-Hole Turret Press and Classic Turret Press. This 4 Hole Turret will not fit inside the Pro 1000 or now discontinued 3-Hole Turret Press.

Read 15 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

LEE 4 Hole Turret

By Charles J. on May 03, 2021
Having one of these turrets set up with all your different calibers makes the reloading process much, much faster. It takes about 10-15 seconds to change the turret out and switch the shell holder and you're ready to rock and roll. I have been and only use LEE presses & dies ever since I started reloading years ago. LEE Precision makes fine and very affordable reloading equipment and I have never had a problem with any of their stuff.

Lee 4 Hole Turret

By Lawrence S. on Nov 19, 2020
It is definitely worth buying an extra Lee 4 Hole Turret for each of your die sets. It saves time because the dies are already set up, and it is an affordable price.

Great price for a great product

By Eric H. on Sep 25, 2020
Lee reloading equipment is some of the most creatively designed stuff and is built extremely well. I'm a Lifetime Lee user and am glad to see Graf&Sons carries their products at a great price.

Extra Tool Head

By Raymond K. on May 05, 2020
Extra head for the 4-hole turret press to hold sets of preset dies. Terrific System. Very inexpensive. Have over a dozen of them for various cartridges with die sets all set for action. Swap out of press in under a minute. Install appropriate shellholder/primer arm and you are off to the races.

Very convenienent to use

By Michael E. on Aug 22, 2019
Very economical and great quality. Very easy to change calibers.

High Quality

By Mark A. on Jul 29, 2019
I love these 4 hole turret's I have one for each caliber I reload for. Never have to readjust dies once set making for lots of saved time when loading for multiple calibers .

Great Press!

By Greg L. on Jun 21, 2019
Really easy to change over from one caliber to another. I would recommend this to anyone.

Economical and accurate

By Stephen E. on Dec 25, 2018
Makes setting up for multiple calibers a cinch, and keeps from having to reset every time you change caliber size

Lee 4 hole turret

By BURTON F. on Dec 11, 2018
Great quality, good price and fast shipping!

Good price, good product

By Roger M. on Nov 15, 2018
Affordable enough to have one for each caliber and save reset time.

4-hole lee turret

By Charles M. on Nov 05, 2018
they are priced right and it's quick and easy to change dies.


By Howdy S. on Oct 03, 2018
I use a turret for each caliber; makes switching calibers during reloading as easy as possible.

Simple, Works, Time saver

By Kenneth K. on Dec 29, 2015
I have a turret for every caliber I reload for, plus a spare for the bullet puller.
Saves time as all you have to do it swap turrets, with the dies already set up.
Go from pistol to rifle in a couple of seconds.

Simple, but works

By Jerry L. on Oct 04, 2012
Cheap, simple and works. For the price it is worth buying one of these for every caliber you load. Saves setting up the dies each time.


By Richie C. on May 24, 2012
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