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Deluxe Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness, cycle counter, primer slide sensor, Powder Safeguard Die, powder level sensor and primer level sensor.

Take full control of your progressive reloading press with the Lock-N-Load Deluxe Control Panel. The easy-to-read digital display with multiple sensors allows you to set audible and visual alarms for primer quantity level, powder hopper level, and primer slide check. The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled cartridges from .380 to 45 caliber for powder charges and physically halts the reloading stroke when a no-charge or double charge is detected. The LED panel displays the number of press strokes, and also alerts the user when a sensor detects a low primer/powder level or other issue.

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LNL Case Feeder

By Mark C. on May 29, 2019
Feeder works great!
Thanks Grafs!

I'm sure Hornady is going to discontinue this product

By Vladimir T. on Apr 21, 2019
In the potential to become work to be the best system on the market was there what's the quality of the connection between the micro switch and the wire I'm not ideal and can be damaged easily , primer check is incomplete by design and needs to be modified to work perfectly my issue with this is it could have been designed to work perfectly in the first place and would cost exactly the same to make ,. Powder check system works well and so does the pistol die after reading the review of us I'm going to make a video explaining to set up the die properly.. I agree it is not easy. Overall the system has potential , the light indicator computer needs to be redesigned so that individual system sensor can be turned on and off because I personally only care about them to die and the power check on the system ,,. I think Hornady will come out with the seconds regeneration of the system in a few years ,, if your handy, you could system work for you may have to make some mods it works for me but it is not worth over 120$ and a more reasonable price is 89$ maybe 99$ but at that cost I think Hornady will still have a lot of returns because of initial quality concerns.

Less than I expected form Hornady!

By James C. on Apr 10, 2019
This system held promise of being a warning system to prevent problems. I installed the counter and primer slide system without a hitch. Then I got to the powder charge die. After 4 hours of fiddling, a email to & from Hornady about setup, time spent reading blogs on the internet, I finally gave up. I would consider this the most significant part of the unit and I couldn't make it work properly. I also found the low primer warning system to be cumbersome. The light connection for the light strip was faulty so it flickered on & off. After much fiddling, I gave up and took it all off and put it in a box on the shelf ... Argh!
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