RCBS Slick Spray Case Lube Pump 4 Ounce

RCBS Slick Spray Case Lube Pump 4 Ounce
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Product Information

Case Slick is an exclusive formulation that provides exceptional lubricity for resizing or forming of metallic rifle and pistol cases. Testing reveals Case Slick reduces the force needed to resize 308 Winchester cases by 35 to 70 percent when compared to other spray lubes. Reducing the resizing force makes the process easier on you and your brass. Uniform coverage makes resizing a breeze and eliminates the possibility of denting the shoulder of the case.

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RCBS Case Lube

By Steven M. on Oct 31, 2020
Best Case lube I've used. Way better than the sticky stuff on the rolling pad! Steve M.

RCBS case slick

By Ernest S. on Mar 10, 2020
I had to go to this lube to resize some military surplus brass i bought. I had used some other brand spray lube and sizing wax and wound up with stuck cases twice. No stuck cases since using case slick. Very good product.

RCBS case slick

By Leon R. on Feb 21, 2019
I have been reloading for 43 years I have not found a product that is better to resize cases. You can resize as soon as you spray no waiting. You can wipe or clean the cases which it helps or it seems to evaporate.
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