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Many reloaders consider Lyman’s Neck Expanding (M) Die a valuable tool for improving the accuracy of their reloads. The die’s expander plug has two steps. The first step expands the inside of the case neck to just under bullet diameter for precise case neck tension in the finished reload. The second step expands the case mouth to bullet diameter or slightly over. This allows the jacketed or cast bullet to be started perfectly centered in the case mouth and properly aligned with the axis of the case neck. (By adjusting the neck expanding plug slightly deeper, Step 2 also provides a slight flaring of the case mouth for reloaders using cast bullets.)

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Big improvement over conventional 2-die set

By Sam B. on Apr 09, 2019
Normal 25-20 die sets don't include an expander function as the case is bottlenecked. But seating a .002" oversize lead bullet in a fragile 25-20 case can be a bit tedious to say the least. The Lyman die is set to just slightly flare the mouth of the case to allow lead bullet seating with ease. It doesn't hurt to use it for jacketed bullets, either. I'm glad I got it.

companion for 25-20 rifle die

By Mark J. on Mar 13, 2019
needed a crimp die for lead bullets in 25-20
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