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Item #:FRDB2000
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Product Information

This special base for the Forster Inside-Outside Deburring Tool offers speed and saves wear and tear on your hands. When it's installed on your loading bench, the Forster DBT provides instant access and ease-of-operation for chamfering large quantities of cases. The Inside-Outside Deburring Tool can be inserted in the base with either business end ready to perform its critical function. By using the Forster Power Adapter, the DBT Base can also be used with a power drill or screwdriver to make operation even easier and faster.

Read 1 Reviews - Average Rating: 3 stars

Pretty good tool

By Bruce J. on Jun 06, 2020
This is a great idea that has one problem. First the good problem, then the good stuff. You have to use Forster's deburring tool. This bit lacks the pin in the center of the outside deburring end of the tool (look at the RCBS tool for reference). When you're deburring by hand, without this lovely hand crank, it's no problem. When you're trying to debur the outside of a heavily burred up case mouth (like you get when you wind up really shortening a case, especially with a power trim tool) you're holding the case in your hand. As you start to turn the debur tool, the lack of the central pin means that the case can jump out of the debur tool, and then you get stabbed in the finger by those nice, sharp points (which are also of questionable value, as they are sharp enough to draw blood) on the end of the cutters. On the other hand, when you're working on the inside of the case mouth, this tool is well worth the money for the comfort and speed it insures.
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