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Prvi Partizan Bullet 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP 100 per bag

Item #:PPB32HP71
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Prvi Partizan Bullet 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP 100 per bag
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Read 7 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Works great in both the 7.62 x 25 & 32 acp cases

By Kenneth P. on May 19, 2020
This bullet shoots well in my CZ 52 my PPS43-c my Beretta 1934 and my LLama X-A

PPU 7.65 Browning (.32 ACP) bullets

By Allen W. on Apr 20, 2020
These seem to be very good quality bullets. I don't have any means of testing them for expansion and penetration. PPU's own loading doesn't expand very much in tests I have seen on the Internet. However, PPU's load chronographs at only 816 feet per second from my Beretta 81FS with a 3.8 inch barrel. My load using these bullets chronographs at 1045 fps from the same gun. I am using Shooters World Auto Pistol powder, and the European CIP data for Lovex (D036) who actually makes this powder. (I use x.x grains of it-range given x.x to x.x grains-and an OAL of 0.968-0.970" Sellier & Bellot or Federal small pistol standard primers. I finish using a Lee Factory Crimp Die with a custom taper crimp sleeve, but the standard roll crimp should work since these bullets have a crimp groove.) The Shooters World loading manual for the American market has no data for 7.65 Browning/.32 ACP. **Standard disclaimer: This is a stout load (~170 foot lbs) that exceeds current SAAMI specs, but has worked so far for me and my guns. It might not work for you and yours. Look up the data yourself, start low and work up. Load very carefully and don't use it in a weak gun.** As much as I like Berettas, the Tomcat is rated for a max of 130 foot lbs, and is thus an example of a weak gun.

Those who are having problems with this bullet's small diameter need to match your brass to it. This is a European bullet made to use in European 7.65 Browning brass, which is thicker than American .32 ACP brass. Use Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot, Geco or PPU brass, and the bullets will fit. R-P, Starline, Aguila and most other American brass is not thick enough for this bullet, and it will just drop right into a properly-sized case. Also, be very conservative when belling your cases. Do just enough to barely get the bullet started.

PPU 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP bullets

By Marc M. on Mar 23, 2020
I bought these as there are very few options available for reloading 32 ACP out there right now. I was specifically looking for a hollow point. Tried the Hornady XTP's in 60 grain and had multiple issues with sizing, length and getting them to feed correctly. Figured I would give these a try. So far no feed issues like the Hornady's. Being slightly undersized has not presented any issue yet either. Shooting out of a Zastava M70 and using x.x grains of Titegroup powder. Quite accurate. Will buy more.

PPU 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP bullets

By David B. on Mar 16, 2020
I bought these for 32auto loads. The Graf website lists these in the 32 cal section (.311-.314) so I didn't notice that they are NOT in the 32 range, even though they call them 32 cal. They are 30cal bullets. I know, it clearly says 308 and I just missed it, since all of the bullets in that section of the website are .311-.314. I don't know why PPU makes them this size. Maybe some cartridges will take them that I am unaware of. A 32 Auto will not. With a sized 32 Auto, this bullet falls right in to the bottom of the case. I have a 100 bullets I will never be able to use. They do look like great quality so I gave them a 3 star.

Prvi Partizan Bullet 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP

By Steven J. F. on Feb 25, 2020
I had trouble reloading these bullets. They seemed to be a bit undersized in diameter.

PPU .32 cal. (.308) 71 gr. JHP bullets

By Rick S. on Nov 22, 2019
I used these to load for the finicky Seacamp .32. They functioned perfectly. I was also pleased with the accuracy from such a short barrel and super compact platform. No problems at all.

PPU 32cal (.308) 71gr JHP bullets

By Mark L. on Mar 03, 2019
At first I was apprehensive about purchasing these bullets. PRVI PARTIZAN lists this under the 32 Cal category. Measures about .309" like the Hornady 90 gr XTP, however these little bullet soars. Since they are so small I would not recommend using them in Rifle loads. I don't recommend the 308 version. Listed at .3065" is a bit undersize.
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