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Lyman 10MM/40 SW Neck Expand (M) Die - #7340833

Item #:LY7340833
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Lyman 10MM/40 SW Neck Expand (M) Die - #7340833
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Product Information

Many reloaders consider Lyman’s Neck Expanding (M) Die a valuable tool for improving the accuracy of their reloads. The die’s expander plug has two steps. The first step expands the inside of the case neck to just under bullet diameter for precise case neck tension in the finished reload. The second step expands the case mouth to bullet diameter or slightly over. This allows the jacketed or cast bullet to be started perfectly centered in the case mouth and properly aligned with the axis of the case neck. (By adjusting the neck expanding plug slightly deeper, Step 2 also provides a slight flaring of the case mouth for reloaders using cast bullets.)

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Excellent tool

By Cyrus J W. on Jan 20, 2020
I use a lot of polymer coated bullets and have found M dies to allow you to flare and expand the neck properly for them. Bullets are started more easily and are not damaged as they are seated. I have had excellent results with this type of die and it is well worth the modest cost. Graf's fast shipping is a big plus, as well.
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